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  Zada Partners is a leader in the field of Sustainability Planning. The trends that we observe with our clients continue to indicate that businesses are adopting sustainable principles as part of their normal business activities. The importance of developing internal sustainability plans and systems is underscored by the fact that many companies have begun requiring their suppliers to have a comprehensive sustainability plan in place, or risk losing the opportunity to continue doing business. The reality is that sustainability planning is no longer optional and should be integrated into the overall strategy of forward-thinking organizations. Comprehensive and properly managed sustainability programs have been proven to reduce certain overhead costs, while increasing marketing opportunities and promoting the company as a steward of the environment.

We offer strategic planning services, executive and management education, sustainability assessments and measurement services, as well as providing system management and oversight services, including the development of carbon emission baselines and improvement measurement systems. We can also assist with a diverse range of additional services, including: greenhouse gas inventory and climate risk assessments, management infrastructure development, life-cycle analysis, environmental reporting and supply chain development and partnerships.

In Partnership with Columbia Business Resources and Sustainability Northwest which are members of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals and certified through the University of Oregon Sustainability Leadership Program.
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