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Enhancing the patient experience is a crucial part of operating a healthcare facility. Digital signage provides up-to-date information, as well as a unique way to entertain and inform. By providing targeted information while patients wait, waiting times can feel shorter with improved follow of information to dynamic displays.
Inform: Live and relevant information is used on the screens, improving communication and enhancing the environment. Digital signage can link with existing systems to show waiting times, or be manually controlled by staff. Local news, health advice, institution announcements and other messages can all be shown dynamically.

React – Expect the unexpected, you cannot plan every event. Digital signage allows you the ability to quickly and easily convey your message. Respond to events as they happen and give patients the information that they want to know.

Flow – Use the screens to guide people around the building. Touch screen systems provide an interactive way of looking at the building map and give the user easy directions to find what they’re looking for. The personalized directions can even be printed out as a map to guide them. With healthcare institutions generally being large and unfamiliar to patients, a good way finding system is important.

Languages – Most communities share a variety of languages and sometimes English isn’t a patient’s first language. Digital signage is able to show messages in any language that you may need, so that all patients and visitors can receive the same level and quality of communication.

With digital signage in your healthcare institution, you can react and deliver informative, up-to-date information to the people who need it and enhance the patient experience.
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