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We are not the only inhabitance on this planet, we have to coexist. We are dependent on one another and our actions change the delicate environmental balance. Through GREEN solutions Zada Partners pays homage to the very Nature which sustains our existence.

Today’s world brings to our attention that we cannot perpetually continue to negate our environment. Our actions in the past have altered our climate and the physical impact we have had on our planet. Zada Partners brings forth green sustainable, feasible and affordable solutions to ensure that the next and future generations can continue to enjoy the resources that our home/planet has to offer.

Zada Partners can help you be part of the solution by helping you implement environmental solutions whenever possible.
  Here are some of the areas we have helped many customers address:  
  • Produce less waste (Recycling, paperless system, etc …)
  • Develop Recycling Centers
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption
  • Reduce noxious emissions such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide
  • Measure overall Carbon Footprint
  • Evaluate alternate fuel options
  • Educate drivers on proper driving guidelines (Slowing down, reduce idle time, etc …)
  • Monitor fleet performance
  Let us help you implement processes and systems to help our planet  
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