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The vision and roadmap of an organization define its Enterprise Architecture; that is, the technologies needed to support the company through its growth. Zada Partners’ strategy is to give its clients the necessary insight into IT infrastructure to plan proactively for the future. Our comprehensive service examines telephony and local and wide area networks with an approach designed efficiently to meet an organization’s goals. We back our service with extensive experience in system design, application development, system integration and business consulting. Zada Partners’ commitment is to align IT initiatives with business objectives and to deliver a service-oriented infrastructure that meets both current and future needs.

We work with you to identify the important aspects of your business and define options and roadmap to better align your current IT infrastructure with the business and develop a plan to meet the future vision of the organization.
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Zada Partners provides the essential technical expertise to support your network infrastructure. Our team is highly experienced with the products and programs of Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Sonic Wall, IBM and Dell among many others. Zada Partners is a single-source provider that can assist in every area from network design to firewalls, or remote support of routers/switching infrastructure.

With a deep understanding of Microsoft products and network infrastructure, our company is equipped to resolve system anomalies. Zada Partners is dedicated to providing “best of breed” solutions whether deploying a VPN, phone system, telecommunication lines, or a server. Our team is fully proficient in all aspects of local and wide area networking from T-1 to DSx deployment and management of equipment purchases, setup, configuration and integration with your existing infrastructure.

Zada Partners offers a broad range of project expertise in the planning, design, and engineering of a data center and wide area networks. With our partners, we bring products and solutions to meet successfully all your center’s needs, encompassing such aspects as raised flooring plans, the selection of HVAC and power distribution systems, and fire suppression systems.
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Zada Partners’ expertise and partnership with industry leaders in the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) field enable us to deliver unique solutions that meet the demands of today’s industries. We deliver the best in class in this field - once called “silent commerce”; we help to design and integrate RFID technology into all aspect of your business. Our sound methodology delivers seamless integration from package-level tagging to warehousing, distribution, scanning, and integration with your sales and financial systems.

RFID has revolutionized the way in which we do business. The somewhat chaotic warehouse management system has been transformed into an automated intelligent system with the aid of a tag. Containing much more information than traditional bar codes, the RFID Tag replaced the complexity of a manual scan with a simple and efficient automated system, while enabling you to dig into metadata of your inventories.

The health care, warehousing and transportation industries are already taking advantage of the RFID integration to reduce costs and increase profitability. These industries have recognized that RFID technology increases productivity by using automated and integrated systems with far less dependence on manual and labor-consuming techniques.
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Application development and maintenance can place a great strain on your organization’s resources and budget. Zada Partners has the expertise to assist you with your software development projects at different levels. We can get involved in all or some of the Software lifecycle phases. We specialize in Microsoft .Net Technologies for client and server applications.

Database Development:
      Schema Design, Stored Procedures, etc.

Software Architecture:
      Multi-layer, Service-oriented, and Client/Server.

Report Design:
      SQL Server Reporting Services, SAP Crystal Reports, Cognos

Business Intelligence:
      SQL Server Analysis Services, Cognos, SAP Business Objects,
      OLAP Cube design, Dashboards

Client Applications:
      C#, Winforms
      Desktop and Mobile applications

Server Applications:
      C#, ASP.NET
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All companies recognize the need for a comprehensive technical disaster recovery plan. Most companies are hampered by not having the in-house expertise properly to evaluate the necessary technology. Zada Partners provides that expertise in evaluating your current operations and designing a comprehensive system to safeguard valuable data in the case of unforeseen disaster. We refer to our Disaster Recovery strategy as MOBIUS, a continuity plan that looks at your organization and deploys strategies as your technology and business changes. With MOBIUS continually evaluating and updating operations as you grow, the information you depend on will always be well protected
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Strategic Planning | Business Improvement | Acquisition Integration | Sustainability
Organizations must be responsive to dynamic and changing business environments in order to optimize their competitive position, but sometimes lack the time and expertise to evaluate performance.

Strategic planning determines where an organization is going over the next year or more, how it's going to get there and how it'll know if it got there or not. The focus of a strategic plan is usually on the entire organization but many organizations fail to achieve long-term success because they lack a solid strategy to optimize performance.

Constantly reviewing and assessing internal processes allows organizations to enhance operational efficiencies, improve on cash flows and operating margins. As you change direction and shift focus, operating practices may become outdated with the result of wasted resources and inefficiencies. Organization with a constant view of operating strategies ensures continuous improvements and superior margins.

Mergers and acquisitions and divestitures pose a challenge to organizations as they require significant management time. During the initial process, due diligence may alert organizations to the difficulties and the time needed to analyze the business complexity.

Armed with the requisite knowledge of operations management, finance, human resources, contract negotiation, compliance and sustainability, and environmental regulatory compliance, Zada Partners can help your organization with evaluating your operations and identify business opportunities, qualifying their business values to achieve business goals. We provide you with the expertise needed to support you during mergers and acquisitions. As we observe trends within the market place, we are able to indicate to you practicable business sustainability processes, the importance of establishing a plan, and the means of executing it.
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